Yvonne Vetjens

Who is Yvonne Vetjens?

As of October 1, 2022, Yvonne Vetjens will be working as a lawyer for Intellectual Property Law at BG.legal. Before that, she gained experience since 2015 at Dohmen advocaten, a niche law firm in the field of IP/IT law, with which BG.legal has entered into a partnership. She obtained her law degree at the NTI in October 2022.

Yvonne specializes in Intellectual Property, in particular copyright. She also has a master's degree in art history and has been self-employed in the cultural sector for years. Given her background, specializing in copyright is a logical choice – Yvonne speaks the language of her clients, which means she can help them even better. Yvonne assists both artistic entrepreneurs and cultural organizations with their questions about copyright and related topics; but of course others can also contact us with questions.

In addition to her work for BG.Legal, Yvonne regularly teaches visual arts and is involved in a cultural project. In her spare time she likes to draw and paint, expand her ever-growing collection of books, or enjoy a glass of whiskey and good music with friends.