BG.real estate assists parties that are active in the construction and real estate sector. This includes companies, building societies, investors, individuals and governments. We provide legal support for construction projects, project development, procurement, disputes regarding construction contracts and general terms and conditions, rental and lease, property management, energy and the energy transition, public-private partnership constructions, property rights such as leasehold, [time-barring of] ownership, environmental law and spatial planning.

This overarching and complex area of law requires current knowledge and expertise. Not just in legislation and regulations, but in the markets of construction and real estate as well. Because of our many years of experience in construction and real estate law, the attorneys of can provide you with clear advice and practical solutions. By considering the legal risks and opportunities at an early stage, the occurrence of legal proceedings at a later time can often be prevented. This saves you time and money.

If legal conflicts arise, we will do everything we can to resolve your dispute outside of court. However, in some cases, this will be impossible and it will be necessary to litigate. Because of our extensive experience in both civil and administrative court, as well as the Arbitration board for the building industry (Raad van Arbitrage voor de Bouw), can assist you in the best possible way in case this situation arises. assists, among others, municipalities, project developers, real estate owners, real estate agents, property managers, contractors and owners ' associations.

BG.real estate’s specialists can support you in matters such as: 

  • Project development;
  • Construction law;
  • Rental;
  • Lease;
  • Purchase and sale of real estate;
  • Hidden defects;
  • Tender;
  • Easements;
  • Leasehold;
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP);
  • Environmental law and spatial planning.

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Kim Albert
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