Our team

Kim Albert

Kim Albert graduated from Tilburg University and has been employed by Bogaerts & Groenen as a..

Jos van der Wijst

Jos loves working with and for creative entrepreneurs. Together with these entrepreneurs..

Marc Heuvelmans

Marc has been a lawyer since 1991 and still greatly enjoys his profession. For the first ten years..

Daan Schalken

Daan Schalken discovered his interest in business when studying Dutch Law in Maastricht. He also studied at Sheffield University [Great Britain] for part of his course.

Dirk School

Dirk School attended Tilburg University and graduated in 2008. He has been a member of the team of lawyers at Bogaerts & Groenen advocaten since 2009. He quickly focused on providing legal services for businesses and specialises in insolvency law.

Rutger Boogers

Remco de Jong

Rik Wevers

Rik Wevers has worked as a lawyer since 1995. Rik is characterised by the ease with which he handles both civil law and administrative law cases.

Liedeke Floris

Liedeke Floris has worked as a lawyer since 1992. She joined the legal profession immediately after graduating from Utrecht University.

Tom Oerlemans

Edith de Koning-Witte

Edith de Koning-Witte graduated in liability law from Tilburg University. Edith specialises in personal injury cases, insurance law and contract law.

Michael de Marco

Marlies Hol

Karlijn van der Meule

Britt van den Branden

Robin de Hoon

Robbert van de Ven

Jody Esveldt

Irene de Mol van Schijndel