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07 Jun 2024
Türk girişimciler dikkat: AB'de Türkçe kelimelerle marka başvurusu Riski!

Başvuru sahibi, 29 Mart 2023'te İKRAM isimli görsel markanın Avrupa’da tescili için başvuruda bulundu. Bu marka, 29. sınıftaki gıda ürünlerinden 30. sınıftaki yiyecek ve içeceklere, 32. sınıftaki içeceklere ve 35.... Read more

01 May 2024
Türkiye'den Hollanda'da Fikri Mülkiyet Sorunları

Bu blog yazısında, Payporter Odeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para A.S. (Türkiye) ("Hizlipara") ile Morpara B.V. ve Morpara Retail Services B.V. (Hollanda) ("Morpara") arasındaki, 'PayPorter' markasının kullanımı üzerine olan Lahey Mahkemesi'nin... Read more

26 Apr 2024
Can an employee patent an invention?

In the tech industry, it is often required that an employee needs to resolve technical problems. This may, from time to time, result in the creation of new inventions. The... Read more

Spotting opportunities is one thing, seizing opportunities is two. It’s a matter of taking action and following through. is on top of the file, on top of the case. questions, listens and acts as a personal guide. A loyal partner who outlines the right strategy and knows how to get things done. As an extension of organizations, we are familiar with the role of problem-solver, but we do not shy away from confrontation with the other party either. is firmly rooted in North Brabant. The law firm is located in the city triangle: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg. Accessible and reachable to provide even faster answers. With a new, sharpened focus. Focused on Tech, Healthcare, and Real Estate & Environment.