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The Real Estate & Environment Team works from various areas of expertise for the entire construction and real estate chain. Among others for project developers, architects, (construction management) consultancies, builders/contractors, brokers, housing corporations, property owners and property managers. But also for municipalities and owners' associations. The team supports from initiative, development and realization to the final management of real estate.

Real Estate

Real estate development, construction and management involve more and more. There is tightness in the market, rising costs, nitrogen issues and other environmental restrictions, as well as the desire to develop more housing and transform existing real estate. And then also with all kinds of sustainability requirements of the energy transition. A major task to which the team at can contribute expertise, experience and overview. We advise you on the right approach and the contractual recording of the agreements. We also assist you in conflicts, if necessary in court but also before the Council of Arbitration in construction disputes.

Environmental law

The environment is becoming increasingly important for to-be-developed and existing real estate. It determines not only the value of real estate but also its use. Something to be careful of. The environment has limitations but also offers possibilities and opportunities. Environmental law is therefore comprehensive and regularly subject to change. The new Environmental Law is expected to be introduced in the not too distant future. We see where your opportunities lie and how to deal with restrictions. Together we will guide you through the complex procedures concerning spatial planning. We advise governments, businesses and individuals on applications and granted environmental permits and regularly conduct proceedings. We always look for opportunities and possibilities. Even when that means looking outside our own expertise. We then quickly link up with a colleague from with a different expertise. That often leads to different perspectives and surprising solutions for our clients.

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