Trademark registration

Understanding trademarks

A trademark is a key tool for distinguishing your products and/or services. It can be a word, an image, or a combination of both. However, simply using a trademark does not guarantee protection. To legally protect your trademark, you need to register it. Without registration, your trademark is not safeguarded.

Registration process and services

At, we specialize in facilitating trademark registration. We handle registrations in various regions, including the Benelux countries, the European Union, and internationally. Unlike charging hourly rates, we offer this service at fixed prices, providing you with a clear cost upfront.

Why register?

Registering a trademark enhances its value and legal standing. Once registered, it is easier to defend your trademark against unauthorized use and to prove your seniority in using it.

How we assist you

Here’s how our trademark registration process works:

  1. You complete a questionnaire to provide initial information.
  2. We conduct research to check for existing identical word marks.
  3. We create a tailored offer based on the information you provide.
  4. We prepare the trademark application for you.
  5. We discuss with you the relevant classes and terms for the trademark.
  6. We then proceed to file the trademark application on your behalf.

Importance of thorough research

Our initial search for identical word marks is basic. For a more comprehensive understanding of the potential risks and opportunities for your trademark, we recommend a thorough trademark search. This extensive research provides a full view of the landscape your trademark will enter. You can find more details about the benefits of a comprehensive trademark search on our website.

Mustafa Kahya