Jos van der Wijst

Who is Jos van der Wijst?

Jos van der Wijst is partner/partner of and specializes in IP/IT law.

Jos is a lawyer for innovative companies. Together with entrepreneurs, he looks for where know-how arises in the company, how it can be protected, how it can be commercially exploited and how to take action against infringers. Most of the companies Jos works for are in the technology or life sciences/pharma sector. The companies range from startups to scale-ups and established companies.Jos advises on the legal aspects of data and the application of new technologies. Such as data, artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) and patent law. He is a member of a core team of the NL AI coalition.

Jos advises startup/scale-ups companies working with technology such as AI, IoT, blockchain. The advice can see on contracts, IP aspects, participations/acquisitions and strategic. He also advises clients of such companies. Jos also performs AI Impact assessments (IAMI). Jos is also a member of the NEN Standards Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. There, standards/standards are developed for AI applications. Furthermore, Jos advises on the enforcement of patent rights. Sometimes Jos acts for patent owners, sometimes for (alleged) infringers. Jos also litigates about patent rights.

Jos works mainly from the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. In addition, Jos can regularly be found on the Life Sciences campus Pivot Park in Oss. Together with the innovative companies on this campus, Jos looks for opportunities and solutions. For investors, Jos performs IP due diligences.

Activities and memberships

  • Licensing Executives Society Benelux LES [website]
  • Board member Technology Arbitration and Mediation Institute [website]
  • Dutch Society for AI and Robotlaw (NVAIR) [website]
  • International Technology Law Association [website]
  • Member European AI Alliance [website]
  • Member NL AI coalitie [website]
  • Founder of LegalAIR
  • Member of the NEN standard committee Artificial Intelligence and Big Data [website]

NL AI Coalitie




European AI Alliance


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