AI: Supervision and Toolbox

11 Mar 2022

The government is starting to pay more and more attention to the supervision of AI and its use. On our knowledge platform about legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence we wrote two articles about it:

Regulator for algorithms? The coalition agreement states the intention to set up a new regulator that will focus on algorithms. Although there are already several regulators who deal with algorithms, there is no general regulator yet.

Starter Kit Fair Algorithms for Municipalities. In the Fair Algorithms project, a dashboard has been developed to help municipalities (and other organisations) develop and use algorithms. The dashboard contains a questionnaire that asks more questions based on previous answers and also explains points of interest.

What can we do for you? has a team of lawyers, paralegals and a data scientist who advise on legal aspects of AI.

Firstly, we help you to draft and review contracts for the use or development of AI applications so that you know where you stand and what you can expect from the application.

We can also help you with a check of existing applications by means of an AI Impact Assessment. In this process, we check whether an AI application complies with existing laws and regulations and with sector-specific codes of conduct. Besides the existing regulations, we also look at the EU proposal for a regulation for AI applications.

For questions, please contact Jos van der Wijst and Robin Verhoef.