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Technology is the cork on which many companies float ("driven by technology"). In addition, technology is also just plain fun. Technology provides challenges and stimulates the brain. In the process, companies continue to innovate and look for smarter solutions. This creates new opportunities and commerce. Companies are also increasingly working together and sharing knowledge, data, resources, etc. They develop ideas and new concepts and then implement them together. We find that companies in a chain are increasingly integrating their processes. Together they get further.

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In all this, legal issues also come into play. Issues such as outsourcing or reinsourcing parts of the R&D/production process. To whom does new know-how belong? How do we legally shape the collaboration? How to deal with trade secrets? What if the collaboration runs aground? is a team of lawyers who work for technology companies from different areas of expertise. Think of labor law, intellectual property law, contracts, administrative law, etc. In doing so, we look for opportunities. Even when that means looking outside our own expertise. We then quickly switch with a colleague with a different expertise. This sometimes leads to surprising solutions for our clients.

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  • AI
  • Data
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Life Sciences and Pharma
  • Smart Industry
  • IT/Software
  • Participation and Acquisitions

International IP network participates in the international IP network IPLink Asia. This network, focused but not limited to Asia aims to connect offices worldwide.

This means that if legal disputes arise in jurisdictions outside the European Union, we can easily spar with a member firm and engage them if necessary.

With around 1,000 member firms in more than 80 countries, we can also assist you in cross-border matters.

What can we do with our network?

  • Filing trademark and design applications
  • Take action against infringement of IP rights
  • Advise on intellectual property rights in more than 80 countries
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