Employment Law

What does our work involve?

The relationship between employer and employee is (still) highly regulated in the Netherlands. Employees and employee representation (‘Ondernemingsraad’) are highly protected by law.

Many problems and costs can be prevented. It pays to timely seek advice and to involve us at an early stage if any of the various possible issues in the field of employment law arise. Even more so since we may be able to provide you with different solutions or opportunities. In case a conflict arises or already has arisen, we will first attempt to come to a solution. This will be done quickly, practically, and in mutual consultation. And at the minimum possible cost. If this isn’t successful, we will vigorously and convincingly plead your case in court. All of this is done in consultation with you and after a careful cost-benefit analysis.

Our specialists can help you with the following topics:

  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting contract with self-employed persons (‘ZZP’er’)
  • Disputes arising during the employment contract (discussions on working conditions, disability to work, individual and collective dismissal, unsatisfactory performance, sick employees, non-compete clauses)
  • Disputes arising after the employment contract (violation of non-compete clause, illegal dismissal).
  • Employee representation (works council)