Insolvency Law

What does our work involve?

There won’t be many companies that haven’t been confronted with a bankruptcy of one of their relations in recent years. Whether it is a customer or a supplier, a bankruptcy is often very bothersome and usually doesn’t help anyone. However, we can look at possibilities to limit any damages. For example, by correctly exercising a retention of title clause. We can also handle the communication with the insolvency receiver.

Our specialists can help you with the following topics:

  • Preventive review of how to protect your business against any bankruptcies as best as possible (e.g. by retention of title);
  • Assistance with a bankrupt contract party;
  • Applications for the bankruptcy of your company or your debtor;
  • Communication and negotiation with the receiver (regarding your claims, relaunch of the company, buying assets / a company from the receiver)
  • Advice regarding liability of directors.