Legal Staff

Bankruptcy assistant
Hester van den Broek joined as a legal secretary in June of 1992. From the very first day, Hester had an affinity with bankruptcies. It was a logical step, therefore, to make the switch from secretary to the position of bankruptcy assistant, in June of 2006. In addition, Hester followed various courses at Insolad and OSR in order to broaden her knowledge. Hester supports our curators in the correct processing of bankruptcies.

Hester van den Broek
088 – 1410822


Employee Debt Collection Department
Miriam van Ruijven has been employed by since September 2004, where she combined her secretarial duties with collection practice until 2006. Since then, the focus has been entirely on collection. After taking various courses in the field of collection, Miriam followed the Basic Law and Practice training in 2013/2014 and successfully completed it.

Miriam van Ruijven
088 – 1410808

Moos Hovens

Moos Hovens

Moos Hovens is currently a master's student in Corporate Law at Tilburg University, where she will graduate in 2020. During her studies, she specialized in Intellectual Property Law. In her free time, Moos is busy designing and making clothes. She therefore has great affinity with the Fashion & Design industry. Since 2020, Moos has been associated with BG.Legal as a legal assistant, where she focuses primarily on Intellectual Property Law.