The Food sector faces interesting challenges. Consumers are becoming more critical of the composition, provenance and production of food. After various food fraud scandals, consumers demand transparency and healthy food. This has also created opportunities. Opportunities for clear and clean labelling, and for new technologies such as blockchain.

Various market stakeholders call for sustainability and the use of less salt, sugar, fat and food additives. The (EU) government may create regulations in these areas. This also creates opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Start-ups in the food industry often come up with surprising new solutions and concepts.

To keep in touch with the Food sector, our attorneys attend various Food sector meetings and we are members of and the Food Law Association (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Levensmiddelenrecht).’s specialists can support you in matters such as:
  • Food regulation, for example in the areas of labelling, nutrition and health claims, advertising, etc.
  • Employment
  • How can you work together when applying new technologies such as blockchain? We look at aspects such as governance, competition, and data protection.
  • How can you use IP/trade secret protection for innovative products/recipes?
  • What opportunities do new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence offer Food retail?
  • We advise on limiting damage and complying with regulations prior, during, and after a food recall.
  • Litigation regarding the production, sale, and processing of food
  • Compliance with regulations (Food safety requirements, governmental permits, working conditions, etc.).

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