works with healthcare providers and suppliers to respond to the challenges the sector faces. Challenges created by cuts, limited budgets and decentralization. Healthcare institutions must always find a balance between a human approach and personal attention on the one hand and efficient business management on the other, whilst serving the interests of multiple stakeholders.

Not just the interests of clients[councils], but also of works councils, health insurers, healthcare offices (‘zorgkantoren’) and supervisors such as the Dutch Healthcare Authority [Nza], Health and Youth Care Inspectorate[IGJ], the Authority for Consumers & Markets [ACM] and the Dutch Data Protection Authority. A complex playing field in which many healthcare institutions also must comply with the Governance Code Zorg 2017.

Challenges are also posed by the introduction of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and [co-]robotics. These innovations create new opportunities whilst at the same time posing new legal challenges.

Our in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector allows us to provide an excellent service to the industry. We have the experience and knowledge of the industry, resulting in the technical expertise necessary to offer you practical solutions.’s specialists can support you in matters such as:

  • Clinical, corporate and information governance: articles of association, laws and regulations, and decision-making processes;
  • Conflicts, crises, reviews by supervisors such as the Nza or IGJ, and other reputation management issues;
  • Commercial dispute resolution: contractual disputes, debt recovery, product recalls
  • Real estate, construction and engineering: advice on real estate issues across the healthcare sector, and decisions regarding funding, procurement and management of contracts
  • Employment
  • Risk management: relating to data protection, privacy, and freedom of information
  • Joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions
  • Professional liability and litigation
  • Advice regarding legal aspects of new technologies (AI, blockchain, [co-]robotics)
  • Compliance issues
  • Using AI and big data (in Health and healthcare)

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Kim Albert
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