Contract Law

What does our work involve?

Contract law regulates everything concerning agreements parties enter into.

Legal obligations can be created in a variety of ways. They arise from the law as well as other sources. The most important of these sources are agreements. The Dutch Civil Code has provisions that apply to the agreement if the parties involved do not agree otherwise. In those cases, the parties themselves can create deviating provisions. That is not the case with mandatory law, from which you cannot deviate.

Under Dutch law, in most cases, there is no mandatory form to enter into agreements. Agreements can even be entered into orally or based on behaviour. However, in case you have to prove anything about the agreement you have entered into, it is useful to put rights and obligations in writing. This turns the agreement into a contract. When entering into certain agreements, such as purchasing property or transferring copyright, a contract is required.

Our specialists can help you with the following topics:

  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts
  • Contract negotiations
  • General terms and conditions;
  • Disputes regarding performance under a contract;
  • Disputes regarding non-contractual rights such as tort;
  • Debt collection;
  • Asset seizure to secure rights.