Domain names

04 Mar 2022

What are domain names?

In the digital age, a good domain name is important for distinguishing companies. A creative domain name increases the online recognisability of companies. Because the development of domain names is an expensive process, the need for protection is increasing.


A legal regulation for the protection of domain names is currently lacking. The domain name right arises through its registration. Thereafter, you as a domain name holder can take action against infringements.

In some cases, it is also possible to demand the transfer of someone else's domain name. This can be useful, for example, if another party tries to ride on your success.

We regularly see that domain names are only registered to be able to 'link through' to another page. Or that the domain name of a competitor differs very slightly from your domain name.

The lawyers of often advise on these kinds of legal pitfalls. Preventing the abuse of domain name registration is part of our daily practice. In addition, has experience in claiming and defending domain names on the basis of trademark and trade name law.

Who owns a domain name?

In addition, the question often arises: to whom does a domain name belong? Does it belong to the person who registers it? To the person in whose interest he or she acts?

We have answered these questions. Read our informative blog here. We have also written a blog about the use of trademarks or tradenames in a domain name.