Our Rates

BG.legal  charges a fee for its services ranging from € 145,00 to € 270,00 plus VAT per hour, depending on the size/scope and difficulty of the case and the experience of the attorney. Agreements on the rate can be made at the start of the assignment. For certain assignments, a fixed fee can be agreed upon​​. As part of our collection practice, we apply a special rate based on ‘no win, no fee’ in case of uncontested claims.

Our specialists

Kim Albert
Jos van der Wijst
Marc Heuvelmans
Mathilde Becking
Liedeke Floris
Daan Schalken
Edith de Koning-Witte
Dirk School
Lisan Vermeer
Rutger Boogers
Rik Wevers
Michael de Marco
Tom Oerlemans
Moos Hovens
Miriam van Ruijven
Hester van den Broek
Frédérique Kuiper
Marlies Hol