Trade secrets

07 Mar 2022

What are trade secrets?

Trade secrets are the core business of innovative companies. They are internal information that has commercial value. The information is secret and measures have been taken to guarantee its secrecy. In other words, it is know-how that you would rather not have out on the street.

Roadmap for protection

Proper protection of trade secrets can prevent problems. This requires investment at the front end, so that discussions at the back end can be avoided. Are you curious about what you can do yourself? Read our step-by-step plan here so that you can protect your trade secrets yourself.


The protection of trade secrets also comes into play when organisations cooperate. Good cooperation often goes hand in hand with sharing trade secrets. Sharing secrets is also possible, but we recommend taking additional measures.

Do you prefer personal contact? Call or e-mail one of our lawyers. They are experienced in advising on trade secrets. We look at your NDA, assess what measures can be taken and advise on legal positions. We also regularly assist entrepreneurs in legal proceedings. Particularly when trade secrets have been used or disclosed unlawfully.

Do you have questions about the protection of trade secrets? Please feel free to contact one of our lawyers.