Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Bogaerts & Groenen and Bankruptcy and Restructuring
We have extensive experience in advising companies who find themselves in heavy weather, financially. Think, for example, of collateral guarantees, procedures, bail, several liability, financing or refinancing and guarantees, retention of ownership, cross-border bankruptcies, severance payments, collective payment arrangements with creditors, relaunch of the company, or the divestiture of business units to third parties.

Official receiver
A part of our expertise stems from the handling bankruptcies and receiverships, whereby our specialists are appointed official receiver or trustee in bankruptcy by the court of law. Therefore, the Bogaerts & Groenen lawyers have a lot of experience and knowhow to advise and support you professionally.

During the administrative process of bankruptcies, our receivers are supported by our bankruptcy assistant.

The Bogaerts & Groenen lawyers are specialised in the following areas:

  • Debt restructuring
  • Liability of directors and commissioners
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Bankruptcies and receiverships
  • Reorganisation or relaunch of your company
  • Acting as receiver or trustee

Our specialists

Kim Albert
Jos van der Wijst
Marc Heuvelmans
Liedeke Floris
Daan Schalken
Edith de Koning-Witte
Dirk School
Lisan Vermeer
Rutger Boogers
Rik Wevers
Michael de Marco
Tom Oerlemans
Miriam van Ruijven
Hester van den Broek
Frédérique Kuiper
Marlies Hol
Stan Elsendoorn
Karlijn van der Meule
Hilde van Stekelenburg
Mustafa Kahya
Robin Verhoef
Remco de Jong
Frederick Droppert
Britt van den Branden