Care & Welfare

The health-care branch is judicialising. The sector is continuously confronted with new rules and developments. In addition, the relationships with health insurers and health-care offices will become more and more businesslike. Payments for health care increasingly give rise to legal procedures. Also, labour law is an important aspect in individual or collective dismissals, job evaluation, and employee participation. These matters require specialist legal advice.

Bogaerts & Groenen and Health Care
Within Bogaerts & Groenen, we have the Health Care Branch Group, which is an integrated team of specialists from various legal fields who have specific knowledge of the health-care sector. The specialist lawyers of Bogaerts & Groenen will combine their expertise with far-reaching involvement in your organisation.

Contact Health Care Branch:

Kim Albert
T.  +31 (0) 88 141 08 19


Our specialists

Kim Albert
Jos van der Wijst
Marc Heuvelmans
Liedeke Floris
Daan Schalken
Edith de Koning-Witte
Dirk School
Lisan Vermeer
Rutger Boogers
Rik Wevers
Michael de Marco
Tom Oerlemans
Miriam van Ruijven
Hester van den Broek
Frédérique Kuiper
Marlies Hol
Stan Elsendoorn
Karlijn van der Meule
Hilde van Stekelenburg
Mustafa Kahya
Robin Verhoef
Remco de Jong
Frederick Droppert
Britt van den Branden