Contract and Company

Bogaerts & Groenen and Corporate Law
If you will allow us to take care of your legal issues, this will be a load off your mind, so that you can concentrate on your entrepreneurship. Together with you, the Bogaerts & Groenen lawyers will form a team headed for success. From the drawing up of your first contract to the judgement in your final procedure, we will be right behind you.

The Bogaerts & Groenen lawyers are specialised in the following areas:

  • Establishment of companies
  • Mergers and take-overs
  • Restructuring and demergers
  • Contracts
  • Corporate disputes
  • Director liability

Our specialists

Kim Albert
Jos van der Wijst
Marc Heuvelmans
Mathilde Becking
Liedeke Floris
Daan Schalken
Edith de Koning-Witte
Dirk School
Lisan Vermeer
Rutger Boogers
Rik Wevers
Michael de Marco
Tom Oerlemans
Moos Hovens
Miriam van Ruijven
Hester van den Broek
Frédérique Kuiper
Marlies Hol