The Technology sector continues to evolve and becomes even more important in business and in our day to day lives . On a daily basis, our lawyers work with businesses whose value lies in their Technology platforms and the people who have built them. This has given us a lot of experience in dealing with Technology risks and opportunities.

Lawyers who understand your sector
We are lawyers to a diverse range of Technology clients, ranging from start-ups, to SMEs, and from individual creators, to large multinational companies. Often our clients are entrepreneur-led SMEs. The majority of our Technology clients are registered Technology based centres like Brainport Eindhoven (Europe's leading innovative  Technology region) and Pivot Park Oss (life sciences park). We also work for parties that want to invest in the Technology sector.

We understand the key issues faced by the Technology industry, whether they are Technology businesses, businesses reliant on Technology or they provide services to other businesses or organisations in the industry.

What can our lawyers help you with
We work with Technology companies, entrepreneurs and investors to help them stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, regulation and market practice in the Technology sector.

Our lawyers can help you with:

  • Protecting your intellectual property rights to on? innovations. This includes advising on agreements like non-disclosure agreements (NDA), material transfer agreements (MTA), consortium agreements (for national and international grants like Horizon 2020, Eurostars, RAAK, STW). We also register trademarks and designs for you in the Benelux and Europe. We can also assist you in the registration of IP outside Europe through our extensive partnership network;
  • Managing your relations with your key partners and employees. We draft and advise on agreements like manufacturing agreements, joint-venture agreements, research and development agreements, license agreements, data processing agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, employment agreements etc;
  • Growing your business by merger or acquisition, or exit your business;
  • To optimally use your know how and IP for commercial purposes by licensing or transferral of IP or pledge agreements or to enter into franchise agreements;
  • To deal with commercial disputes and litigation. We cover the whole spectrum of disputes, including non-payment of fees/royalties, (early) termination, the ownership of IP and infringement of IP. We represent both holders of IP and those accused of infringing IP;
  • Privacy and data protagonist protection. We offer advice on how to securely protect business data and how to comply with privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation, effective from May 2018.;
  • E-commerce regulations. When your company delivers an e-commerce service, we can appropriately guide you on the best route to take in terms of safely selling your products online. This includes drafting general sale conditions and advising on how to comply with consumer protection regulations.

We can assist you in arranging work permits for foreign workers. For instance it would be possible to have highly skilled workers from all over the world to come and share their knowledge in The Netherlands, but it is also possible to have workers from developing countries come to The Netherlands and learn about specific subjects here. Of course there are other options as well, which we would be happy to share with you.

Why Bogaerts & Groenen advocaten
We offer you the benefits of a full service, commercial law firm. Our lawyers have extensive experience in and offer a comprehensive range of legal services to Technology sector businesses. If needed, we have in-house expertise on all legal areas, so we can act as your one stop shop while keeping our costs fair. This way, we deliver great value for money for any company looking for a full service Technology Lawyer.

If you would like to find out more about what our Technology sector team can do for you, please contact us or complete the form below.

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