Government and Environment


  • Municipal priority rights
  • Area development
  • Putting out to tender
  • Tenancy
  • Land consolidation
  • Milk quota
  • Nature conservation, habitat guideline, flora & fauna
  • Protected species
  • Air quality, offsets
  • Noise
  • External safety
  • Soil pollution, decontamination
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Water and law
  • Enforcement
  • Supervision
  • Government subsidies
  • Public access to administration
  • Our specialists

    Kim Albert
    Jos van der Wijst
    Marc Heuvelmans
    Mathilde Becking
    Liedeke Floris
    Daan Schalken
    Edith de Koning-Witte
    Dirk School
    Lisan Vermeer
    Rutger Boogers
    Rik Wevers
    Michael de Marco
    Tom Oerlemans
    Moos Hovens
    Miriam van Ruijven
    Hester van den Broek
    Frédérique Kuiper
    Marlies Hol