Meeting: ‘How blockchain can be used in the AgriFood chain'

27 Mar 2018


Bogaerts & Groenen Advocaten will organize a meeting on ‘How block chain can be used in the AgriFood chain'

When: Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Where: Den Bosch

In four presentations the practical applications of block chain for the AgriFood will be outlined.

With block chain technology the complete food production chain could be made transparent. With block chain technology insight can be given from which farm a product originates, who has processed the product, who transported the product, who packaged the product and how the product ended up on the shelf of the supermarket. In this way block chain technology could contribute to sustainable production and transparent supply chains. In this way block chain technology could contribute to the restoration of consumer confidence in food.

But to what extent is this only theory? To what extent can this be used in practice in the Agri Food sector?

  • What is already clear and what is not?
  • How can AgriFood companies use this technology?
  • What are opportunities and threats?
  • What are the experiences of other Food companies with block chain technology
  • What are the legal issues of block chain technology

Speakers will discuss:

1. Block chain in practice for AgriFood companies
- Introduction what is block chain, what problem does it solve?
- How does it work? What are the components?
- How does block chain work in practice (different types / functionalities)
- Where are the opportunities and threats of block chain for AgriFood companies?

2. The legal aspects of block chain / smart contracts
- What is block chain and what are smart contracts?
- Applications of block chain and smart contracts
- Legal aspects of block chain (governance, privacy, applications)
- Legal aspects of smart contracts (qualification, change and termination, disputes)
- Future legal challenges

3. Practice case A

4. Practice case B

14.30 Reception
15.00 Block chain in practice
15.30 Legal aspects of block chain / smart contracts
16.00 Pause
16.15 Practice case A
16.45 Practice case B
17.15 End + drinks

Free entrance.

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