Starting a business in The Netherlands 

Whether you are starting a new business or wishing to expand your existing business into The Netherlands, there are many rules and processes which need to be taken into consideration and these requirements can often seem daunting at the start of a new venture.

We offer not only advice but also practical assistance with setting up your business and offer solutions going forward to help you making it a success.

We recognize and understand the specific issues which can arise for entrepreneurs throughout the development and growth of their business.

We can assist you with all the aspects associated with starting a new business, be it a limited company, partnership or sole trader. Our corporate and commercial attorney specializes in providing a full range of legal services and support to entrepreneurs.

Our services include:

  • General legal information on business structure

This is an important decision with many implications and your options, including corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or limited partnership, should be carefully weighed. The legal structure determines such issues as liability and tax obligations.

We can assist you in choosing the correct entity for your type of business and your goals.

Together with a civil law notary we can draw up the relevant papers for incorporating the company or partnership.

  • Drafting commercial contracts, terms and conditions, data protection related documents (GDPR)

When the Dutch company starts doing business in The Netherlands it will need commercial contracts and general terms and conditions.

We can draft these documents, relevant for the branche you are working in.

The processing and storage of personal data is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Dutch companies need to comply with data protection regulation (GDPR).

We can draft the relevant documents (privacy statement) and advice on actions in order to comply with the GDRP.

  • Reviewing commercial leases, contracts

The company will occupy a business property. If your business operations will have an impact on the environment, you must submit a notification of environmental management to your local municipality. Sometimes you must also apply for an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects (Omgevingsvergunning)

We can assist in submitting a notfication and applying for an All-in-one-Permit.

  • Employment agreements and remuneration

If you employ any staff, you must provide them with an employment contract. The employment contract needs to be comprehensive and must have a comprehensive policy in relation to complaints, health and safety, remuneration, leave entitlements etc.

We can draft employment contracts.

Entrepreneurs who intend to stay in the Netherlands must fulfil a number of conditions. If you are not an EU citizen, you will also need to apply for a temporary and permanent residence permit simultaneously. These permits must be obtained in advance on an application of the prospective employer. We can assist you in applying for these permits.

  • Advice on brand protection and intellectual property issues

When the Dutch company will use Intellectual Property Rights from others (including from a foreign parent company), it will need permission to do so. When the Dutch company uses a new tradename / trademark, this needs to be registered in the relevant register.

We can assist in registering a tradename and / or a trademark. We can also draft the documents that provide the Dutch company a license to use IP from others.

  • Advice on tax and Dutch Commercial Registration

A new company needs to be registered at the Dutch Commercial Register at the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce will then issue a VAT-number, so the company doesn’t have to register with the Dutch Tax Administration separately.

We advice on the registration at the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Tax registrations

Together with an accounting firm we advice on the necessary tax registration (e.g. as an employer for payroll taxes and social security). The accounting firm can help you setting up a business administration that complies with Dutch regulation.