Who owns an algorithm? How do you share data? What are legal aspects of AI?

Artificial Intelligence is more and more used in products and services. This raises new questions about legal and ethical aspects of the use of AI. Questions about IP, governance, liability, competition, civil law aspects, etc. Questions like these are what inspired BG.legal to start the Legal AI Rules & Regulations (Legal AIR) project together with Gimix. We want to make the answers to these questions available to companies, governments and citizens. We want the answers to be practical and understandable. If it becomes complex, we have specialized lawyers to help you find the answers you are looking for so that you can focus on the innovation and not the legal issues. We want to contribute to the acceptance of AI.

BG.legal advices regarding:

  • legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence
  • data sharing agreements
  • data collaboration, data pooling and data mining
  • data Co-operation Agreements
  • copyright protection of a trained model
  • database rights
  • agreements with AI developers
  • AI governance
  • competition law aspects of AI

BG.legal provides the legal expertise and Gimix contributes their experience with building AI systems.
The Legal AIR project is supported by a grant from the Metropolitan region of Eindhoven.

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And the European AI Alliance

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