Intellectual Property Law

What does our work involve?

Intellectual property rights include rights such as trademarks, designs, copyright, patents, and databases. All these rights are protected by law. Knowledge/know-how is not an IP right, although trade secrets are also protected by law.

Intellectual Property ("IP") rights offer opportunities. Opportunities to protect and commercialize know-how and other results of creative efforts. IP rights provide a monopoly, giving the IP holder exclusive control over the utilization of the IP.

Our specialists can help you with the following topics:

  • Identification: Has IP been created; can IP be registered etc.? To answer these questions, we will organize a Know-how and IP Discovery tour at the location of the client.
  • Registration: Some IP rights, such as a trademark right, can only be created through registration. Other rights, such as copyright, arise through the creation of a thing. We handle the Benelux and European registration of trademarks and design rights, for which we charge a fixed fee.
  • Commercialization: IP can be used to generate revenue. This can be done by commercializing the IP yourself, by licensing it to another party or by transferring it to another party.
  • Protection: If IP is being infringed upon, we can help you protect and enforce your IP rights against this infringement and the unlawful use by third parties. We can act against the infringing party as well as represent a party accused of IP infringement.
  • IP Due Diligence: We investigate the origin and registration of IP rights. This investigation aimed at determining who owns the IP rights, who has rights of use, who has security interests, etc. This due diligence is carried out for insolvency receivers as well as investors in start-and/or scale-ups, for example.
  • Agreements: We draft as well as advise on IP agreements such as consortium agreements, licensing agreements, IP Transfer Agreements, manufacturing agreements, R & D agreements.
  • Litigation: We advise and litigate regarding the fulfilment of various IP related agreements, such as licensing agreements, R & D agreements, manufacturing agreements, consortium agreements, etc.


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