Debt Collection


The Debt Collection department of Bogaerts & Groenen has ample experience with effective debt collection. This means: acting firmly and resolutely. Our procedures are clear. From experience, we know that a debtor will pay sooner if approached by a debt-collection lawyer, than if a bailiff or debt-collection agency is called in. A lawyer has procedural possibilities, which a bailiff or debt-collection agency does not possess.

‘No win, no fee’
If you hand over an unquestioned debt to us to be collected, we will collect our fee from the debtor. Should the debts prove to be unrecoverable, we will only pass on to you the external costs that we made. For more information, please refer to our debt-collection conditions. If a debtor still does not pay, we will, in consultation with you, either commence a civil procedure in which we claim payment or file a petition in bankruptcy of the debtor. All activities are aimed at the realisation of fast and effective payment of the debts owed to you. If possible, we will place an attachment on property of the debtor. We do not accept any excuses.

Online debt collection
Via our online debt-collection system, you have access to the status of your dossier on a 24/7 basis, so that you can find out what actions have been taken in order to collect the debts owed to you.

International debt collection
To effectively collect foreign debts, Bogaerts & Groenen lawyers collaborate with lawyers abroad. In practice, it has proved to be most effective if a local lawyer, who speaks the language and is familiar with all debt-collection possibilities, collects the debt. To this effect, Bogaerts & Groenen has set up the Debt Collection Lawyers Alliance. Through the connected offices, we have a local lawyer in various countries. And in locations where no office is connected yet, we often have other ways and means to have a debt collected. We may coordinate the debt collection through these offices, or you may prefer to keep in touch with this foreign debt-collection lawyer yourself.

The Bogaerts & Groenen lawyers are specialised in the following areas:

  • Providing advice in the setting up of an effective accounts receivable management
  • Sending a final payment reminder
  • Starting up a debt-collection procedure (letter + telephone call)
  • Starting up a judicial debt-collection procedure
  • Filing a petition in bankruptcy of your debtor

Bogaerts & Groenen is a member of the Vereniging van Incasso Advocaten [Dutch association of debt-collection lawyers VIA]

Cost Collection

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