Den Bosch Data Week: Practical experiences Blockchain and Food

Den Bosch Data Week

Last year, organized its first meeting about blockchain and food. Companies from across the entire food chain showed great interest. There were many questions about how blockchain works, what this technology can bring when it comes to transparency in the food chain and food safety, as well as how reliable and impactful the technology is, etc.

Visitors indicated

Visitors indicated that they would like to be kept in the loop about the experiences in practical cases, which is why a follow-up meeting is being organised. and Food Insights are organizing a meeting during the Den Bosch Data Week about these practical experiences with blockchain projects in food

Who are we? is a law firm with a group of attorneys that are focussed on the legal aspects of new technologies and support companies that apply these new technologies. The food sector is one of the sectors we focus on.


FoodInsights is an IT company that creates data platforms for food supply chains, enabling them to be transparent, to communicate this with the consumer, and to optimise across various links and companies in the supply chain.

The meeting will start with FoodInsights explaining Blockchain and the various applications in Food. Subsequently, we will discuss a case study of ‘De Kloeke Kip’. Finally, the legal challenges and opportunities related to blockchain in Food will be discussed.

During the meeting, there will be room for discussion about the various aspects of blockchain.

When: Tuesday the 29th of October 2019

Where: Jheronimus Academy for Data Science, 's-Hertogenbosch


13.00 entry

13.15 welcome

13.30 presentation 1      : Wilbert Hilkens (FoodInsights)

13.55 presentation 2      : Marcel Kuijpers (De Kloeke Kip)

14.20 presentation 3      : Jos van der Wijst (

14.45 Q&A

15.00 end

Target audience
  • food brands and retailers
  • food producers
  • professionals from the Food sector
  • legal for food

Presentation 1

  • intro blockchain
  • applications in food
  • first experiences, what works, what doesn’t, why

Presentation 2

  • case study ‘De Kloeke Kip’

Presentation 3

  • legal aspects blockchain in food
  • what are the legal challenges?
  • what are the important points of focus for blockchain projects in food?

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